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Python training Seiden GroupAs big fans of Python, Seiden Group now offers Python training for IBM i developers. Our training covers not only the popular Python language, but all the pieces necessary to succeed on IBM i, including how to use the Python toolkit to call RPG and COBOL business logic as well as best practices for accessing Db2 and SQL from web applications with Python.

Not only do we see Python as a key language for the IBM i, but our Seiden Group consultants simply enjoy programming in Python. As a result, we’ve been taking the lead providing open source code to advance the art of Python on IBM i. We started a repository of IBM i Python examples and, with IBM, are developing the next version of the open source Python Toolkit for IBM i.

Why Python?

One of the world’s most popular programming languages, Python has been on IBM’s radar. While Python has been available on IBM i servers for years, IBM has now made it extremely easy to get started. Originally available via IBM’s official open source package for PASE (licensed program product 5733-OPS), Python can now be installed from a PASE command line via an RPM package and the Yum command (“yum install python”).

Python isn’t flashy. Open source and non-commercial, Python was started by Guido van Rossum in 1989 as a scripting language for general tasks, supported by clean, easily understood syntax. In recent years, Python has become the standard for teaching programming principles in high schools and universities. Most young programmers will know Python right out of school.

Contact us to get started with Python

With Python joining PHP as a key language for the IBM i platform, it’s the right time to take advantage of Seiden Group’s Python on IBM i training. We are also available to supplement your development team on Python development projects. Just contact us to get started!


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