Python IBM iWe are so sure of Python’s future on IBM i that we now provide IBM i Python training, mentoring, and development.

Learn from the experts who developed the open source Python Toolkit for IBM i and other innovative Python applications on IBM i. We’ll show you how to install Python and develop a web application that accesses your Db2 data and RPG business logic. Choose from several flexible training packages.

“Stephanie’s IBM i Python sessions are great and packed with a lot of examples.”

— Jerry Newburg, Cutco Corporation

Up and Running
Personal Trainer
Djump Into Django
Installation and Concepts
Installation and Basic Web App
In-Depth with Hands-on Help
(Onsite 3 Days)
Django Framework for Professional Apps
(Onsite 5 Days)
Python Installation

Basic Yum

Python Concepts

Basic Python Language

CSS and HTML Basics

Python with Web Basics

Apache Setup

Flask “Hello World”

Db2 Queries / Show Data on Screen in Table

Form Inquiry Parameters and Values (time permitting)

Call RPG Program

Git Training (time permitting)

Django MVC Djump-Start

$1,200 $3,850 $6,000 + travel $10,000 + travel
Up and Running
Personal Trainer
Djump Into Django

“All of us, including beginners and those more experienced at Python and web programming, learned a lot from Stephanie’s Python training.”

— Michelle Vick, Cutco Corporation

Package Add-Ons

Add the following to any training package:

  • Build a Pilot Application with Your Team
  • 40-Hour Consulting Block
  • 100-Hour Consulting Block


The best way to get your Python project up and running fast!

  • Djump Into Django Training Package
  • Pilot Project Development Package
  • 40-Hour Mentoring Package