Python IBM iWe are so sure of Python’s future on IBM i that we now provide IBM i Python training, mentoring, and development.

Learn from the experts who developed the open source Python Toolkit for IBM i and other innovative Python applications on IBM i. We’ll show you how to install Python and develop a web application that accesses your Db2 data and RPG business logic. Choose from several flexible training packages.

Up and Running
Personal Trainer
Djump Into Django
Installation and Concepts
Installation and Basic Web App
In-Depth with Hands-on Help
(Onsite 3 Days)
Django Framework for Professional Apps
(Onsite 5 Days)
Python Installation

Basic Yum

Python Concepts

Basic Python Language

CSS and HTML Basics

Python with Web Basics

Apache Setup

Flask “Hello World”

Db2 Queries / Show Data on Screen in Table

Form Inquiry Parameters and Values (time permitting)

Call RPG Program

Git Training (time permitting)

Django MVC Djump-Start

$1,200 $3,850 $6,000 + travel $10,000 + travel
Up and Running
Personal Trainer
Djump Into Django

Package Add-Ons

For even faster results, extend your training with mentoring add-ons. We reduce the stress and risk of projects by getting you past unexpected hurdles… before you waste all that time searching for solutions alone. Add the following to any training package:

  • Build a Pilot Application with Your Team
  • 40-Hour Consulting Block
  • 100-Hour Consulting Block


The best way to get your Python project up and running fast!

  • Djump Into Django Training Package
  • Pilot Project Development Package
  • 40-Hour Mentoring Package