Solid, High Performance, Business Smart

CommunityPlus+ PHP

Free PHP for Business

CommunityPlus+ for IBM i delivers next-generation RPM-based PHP and enhances it for businesses using PHP applications on IBM i.

The CP+ package gives IT teams an easy way to use PHP with IBM i applications. It lowers PHP overhead, increases choice, and ensures reliable performance with professional support.

Download & Install CommunityPlus+ PHP

Download CommunityPlus+

Low Impact

  • License-free PHP + popular modules in a single repository
  • Installs in minutes
  • Improved .ini files for easier administration
  • Quick $995 setup with Seiden Group (optional)

“The transition to RPM PHP was virtually seamless.” — Dan Lanza

Business Smart

  • Easy to test in parallel with existing PHP environment
  • Secure, signed RPM packages
  • Responsive, full-stack tech support (optional)
  • Fast proof-of-concept with Seiden Group (optional)

“Seiden Group support is amazing!”
— Yoshiki Ushida

PHP Your Way

  • Choice of Db2 connectivity — ibm_db2, PDO_IBM, ODBC
  • Choice of SSL-encrypted Apache Web server or Nginx
  • High performance, less likely to run out of PASE memory
  • No vendor lock-in

“Your group did a great job migrating our PHP to RPMs.”
— Bob Hughes

Contact us below for help in getting started with CommunityPlus+, or download and install the CommunityPlus+ repository on your own.