Zend server upgradeIf you want to run PHP on IBM i without license fees, consider migrating to Community PHP before Zend Server Basic reaches end-of-life in 2021.

You can rely on Seiden Group to help you migrate from Zend Server Basic to free PHP, optimizing it according to your needs. We pay special attention to:

  • Compatibility:  We provide and install popular extensions not found in the standard RPM.
  • Db2 for i Connectivity:  Your choice of optimized migration to ODBC or keeping your traditional connectivity with the ibm_db2 extension.
  • Web Server Setup Options: Choose from Apache or NGINX.
  • Stability: Keeping the distribution lightweight helps applications run smoothly.
  • Support: Seiden Group support services provide ongoing peace of mind.

Let’s talk about how to simplify your migration to Community PHP.

Free PHP is lightweight, flexible, and license-free—perfect for those who find themselves without free Zend Server Basic.

Why Community PHP?

  • Lightweight and flexible
  • 64-bit: more memory for more data
  • Adheres to standards such as RPM/Yum and ODBC
  • Excellent performance