Several IBM i teams have already reported on their results from migrating to CommunityPlus+ PHP, as well as on their experience with support from Seiden Group.

Read on to learn how your organization’s experience with PHP can improve, too!

CommunityPlus+ PHP

Fast Performance, No Disruption to Users

“Alan and the team at Seiden Group have been excellent to work with moving us to CommunityPlus+ PHP.  The migration was quick and easy with their support and guidance, and we were able to make the move without any disruption to our users. We saw immediate performance improvements.

We recommend the Seiden team for all your PHP support needs.”

— Larry Amond
Director of Application Development
Greator Regional Alliance of REALTORS®

Responsive Support

“The best support!

Alan and his group are so accessible and responsive. They’ve set the bar for customer service!”

— Kim Mitchell
United Heritage Insurance

Seamless Migration

“The transition to RPM PHP was virtually seamless. RPM PHP ran side by side with Zend during the transition.

Thanks to a utility provided by Seiden Group, we knew exactly which extensions we needed before we even began. Seiden Group quickly built an additional extension for us, long before our goal to go live!”

— Dan Lanza

Reliability + Performance

“The CommunityPlus+ PHP package made it very apparent the IBM i is capable of running production PHP after all.

We previously migrated H-P Products to Linux web servers due to multiple performance and reliability issues with Zend. The move to Linux increased the reliability but decreased the performance of the app.

CommunityPlus+ PHP brings your typical Linux reliability to the IBM i and removes the performance bottlenecks of having separate application and database servers. In one instance, a page that took 18 seconds to load on Linux, took 6 seconds on the IBM i.”

— Anthony Birone, ElasticIT

Learned A Lot

“Your group did a great job with PHP migration to RPMs. It was fun, I learned a lot!

Please use us as a reference.”

— Bob Hughes

No Code Changes

“The new PHP was up and running in 45 minutes, including copying over our PHP code, installing Yum and PHP, comparing all the PHP .ini values, and testing the code. No code changes were required.”

— Chris Birk, Manager, IT
American Stationery

The Right Choice

“Reaching out to you was definitely the right choice. Now I am confident that I am moving in the right direction with PHP on the IBM.”

— Jim Lomonaco,
Co-operative Feed Dealers