Like all good open source advocates, we love finding and sharing free resources. We hope you enjoy these favorites related to open source on IBM i.

Tips Newsletter

Monthly strategies and tips on how to best use PHP and open source in an IBM i environment.


License-free CP+ PHP, enhanced with all popular extensions for IBM i, installs in minutes.


Use QCachegrind with Xdebug to profile the performance of your open source applications.

VS Code for IBM i Resources

A compilation of how-to guides for VS Code for IBM i, an alternative to IBM i’s RDi, SEU, and Merlin. 

Apache for IBM i Documentation

If you’re having trouble finding info on HTTP Server for i (Powered by Apache), try these resources.

QShell on i Utility

Use QshOni commands to easily integrate Python, PHP, Node.js, etc. with CL & RPG programs on the IBM i.

DB2 for i Documentation

 Locating the official docs for all features of DB2 for IBM i can be a challenge. Here are our favorites.


Educational materials on several topics related to application development on IBM i.

PHP Toolkit

Get the latest version of the Toolkit as well as usage examples and other resources on how to use it.