Sneak Peek at Plans for ILEditor 2

worksofbarryI’ve been eagerly watching Liam Allan’s open source ILEditor mature into a very convenient tool that I can turn to whenever I have a quick development task to perform and I don’t have an active RDi session open. So I was thrilled to learn about his plans for the next major release!

The beauty of ILEditor is that it starts up quickly, performs quickly, and lets me return to whatever else I was doing. For example, I recently used it to copy and send some CL code to a client while I was on vacation. So fast!

ILEditor is a free, easy download. It’s worth having if only to see source members without having to go into a terminal session.

ileditor source members

Then you can edit and save . . . so simple, easy, and convenient:

ileditor edit

Plus, it offers an easy way to clean up your spool files AND has short cuts to ACS.

In addition to being a useful addition to an IBM i developer’s toolkit, ILEditor is perfect for developers who are new to IBM i and feel overwhelmed by RDi’s full-featured functionality.

Simply great stuff!

If you would like to participate in the ILEditor open source community, contact Liam at ileditor[at]worksofbarry[dot]com.

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