IBM i open source stack Your open source environment on IBM i relies on much more than just open source languages and tools to keep your users highly productive.

When you set up (or upgrade) PHP, Node.js, Python, or other open source on IBM i, you need to anticipate the impact in several areas for a smooth implementation.

Seiden Group’s experienced team guides you through each step of your setup, including:

  • Integration with Db2 for i, MySQL, MariaDB, toolkits for IBM i, RPG, CL, etc.
  • Ensuring that configurations are retained or improved
  • Compatibility with Apache Web server, Nginx, the latest SSL encryption, and more
  • Finding deprecated code syntax

Whether you’re using Zend PHP, Seiden’s CP+ PHP, Node.js, or Python, Seiden Group offers the broadest expertise when it comes to optimizing your IBM i open source environment.

Make your next upgrade the smoothest yet. Call us at 201-447-2437 or request your free 30-minute upgrade assessment with Alan below.

“Seiden Group’s expertise gave us a defined install process and an optimized configuration of PHP for our needs. They quickly helped resolve issues, whether with Yum or ODBC.”

Mike Brown
Director of Software Development
Auction Edge, Inc.

SSL /TLS for IBM i