Debug RPGLE and COBOL with VS Code for IBM i

Our Twitter feeds recently rang out with this long-awaited news from Liam Allan:

“Debugging ILE COBOL and RPGLE inside @code like it’s any other day! I’m pumped for this release #ibmi.”

As reported by Alex Woodie in IBM i Debugger Comes to VS Code, IBM decoupled their RPG/COBOL debugger from RDi after years of encouragement from Liam. It’s now available as a Debug Service to the thousands of IBM i developers who have downloaded Visual Studio Code for IBM i.

In the following video, Liam demos how to use Code for IBM i’s Walkthrough utility to set up and start the Debug Service. He then goes on to write a quick program, set breakpoints, explain the debugging controls, and run a debug session—all in less than 5 minutes!

Check out the official documentation for ILE Debugging here.

For the most efficient way to get your entire team up and running with VS Code for IBM i, talk to us about training.


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