PHP Debugging on the IBM i from A to Z (Apache to Zend) 

php debugging ibmiSession Handout

500 internal server error? Wait, now it’s a 404 error. I think it’s actually a syntax error. And now my program call isn’t returning anything. My page doesn’t look right, and my Javascript is not working.

Debugging PHP on IBM i is my idea of fun. When you find and fix the root cause . . . well, the satisfaction can be exhilarating. It’s one of my favorite development activities.

That’s why I love to present PHP Debugging on the IBM i from A to Z (Apache to Zend) at conferences.

The handout to this session covers the spectrum of debugging PHP applications—from server all the way to the browser—with tips and tricks I’ve picked up through many years of web application development experience.

Specifically, it offers ideas for:

  • Analyzing Apache logs and Apache server issues
  • Debugging your PHP code
  • Debugging program calls, Db2 and library list issues
  • Debugging Javascript and CSS

I hope the handout helps you solve your next code mystery.  If not, you know where to find me. I love a good challenge!

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