Node.js, Ruby and Seiden Group

node.jsWith IBM’s delivery of open source capabilities on IBM i, Seiden Group has been there to apply the technology to application modernization initiatives. Starting with PHP and the PHP toolkit, then Python, and now Node.js and Ruby, we’ve worked with IBM and customers to flesh out the capabilities of the technology, teach best practices at conferences and directly with clients, and develop award-winning solutions.

With increased demand for open source training, Krengel Technology has invited us to help them meet this demand as their services partner. Our companies share similar values related to open source, IBM i, community, and customer service, allowing us to serve Krengel customers on Node.js and Ruby projects while continuing to work with our own customers as before.

As market needs expand, we expect to see similar partnerships forged—networks of professionals who rely on each other to bring the necessary expertise into any given engagement.

We look forward to working with you on projects and training to implement solutions using the complete open source portfolio of IBM i. Let us know how we can help.

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