Highlights from Seiden Group’s October 2018 Events

We hope you enjoy this photo (and video) tour of Seiden Group experiences at the CIO Summit, the RPG & DB2 Summit, ZendCon & OpenEnterprise 2018, and COMMON Fall.

CIO Summit in Chicago

Scott Forstie Alan Seiden

Alan led the CIO discussions, and IBM’s Scott Forstie flew in to brief us on the direction of DB2 for i.

Aon Center

We met “in the cloud” for most of the day, until the view from the 80th Floor of the Aon Center cleared a bit.

Liam Allan

Attracting and retaining new talent is a key concern among IT executives. Liam Allan provided a millennial’s perspective of establishing a career on the IBM i.


RPG & DB2 Summit in Lombard, IL

The video below captures the RPG Five singing Now My App’s Refaced at the RPG & DB2 Summit banquet. Alan waxes lyrical about his IBM i application with the help of fellow band members Ted Holt, Barbara Morris, Steph Rabbani, and Kath Hewitt.

open source squad

Liam & Steph worked the “Open Source Squad,” installing RPM and answering open source Qs.


Steph teaches Git to a full room of IBM i developers.










(L to R) Mike Pavlak, Alan, Steph, Liam, and Scott Klement (not pictured) led the open source roundtable

Steph Rabbani

Steph and Kath show their love of PHP, Python, Git, and IBM i using a different kind of Wiki








Zendcon and OpenEnterprise 2018 in Las Vegas

Steph (& Alan) at the IBM & Rogue Wave Open Source Advisory luncheon. with Cory Doctorow.

Steph demonstrates Sawmill during her session on debugging PHP on IBM i








COMMON Fall Conference in Pittsburgh

Josh Hall

Josh (in green) made a lot of new friends at COMMON. Photo courtesy of Von Enselman

Josh Hall taught five sessions—Tools for Getting Started with Open Source, Node.js Crash Course, RPMs for the System Admin, Conquer the IBM i World with OpenSSH, and Stupid Python Tricks—and participated on the Open Source POWER Panel.

Josh finds the COMMON community welcoming and encouraging, and he particularly enjoyed Trevor Perry’s Popup Sessions. The experience inspired him so much that he started working on new sessions immediately!

2019 Events

Stay tuned for the 2019 conference line-up. You can definitely count on another CIO Summit and the RPG & DB2 Summit in March to start, but there will be more.

See you at your favorite conference next year!

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