How to Resolve Yum Command FTP Errors on IBM i

While installing packages from IBM’s original open source repository, ibm, users may encounter errors, including:

  • [​Errno 12] Timeout on: (28, ‘Connection time-out’) Trying other mirror. Error: Cannot retrieve repository metadata (repomd.xml) for repository: ibm. Please verify its path and try again.
  • [​Errno 14] FTP Error 451 – server did not report OK, got 451 Trying other mirror
  • [Errno 14] FTP Error 550 – Access denied: 550 Trying other mirror

If you get similar errors containing FTP or ftp in the text, you can get past them by changing from ftp to https. Explanation: IBM originally chose the ftp protocol for its repositories, but later enabled https, which proved more reliable.

How to update your IBM i repository from ftp to https

  1. Edit the IBM repository configuration file:
    and change the value of baseurl, replacing ftp:// with https://.
  2. The line will now read:
  3. From a PASE terminal such as SSH, run the “yum clean all” command: /QOpenSys/pkgs/bin/yum clean all

Now you can try your Yum or RPM command again.

2 replies
  1. Glenn Gundermann
    Glenn Gundermann says:

    We don’t have a file /qopensys/etc/yum/repos.d/ibm.repo
    In the /QOpenSys/etc/yum/repos.d folder, we have four files:


    All of them are using https.

    • Alan Seiden
      Alan Seiden says:

      Glenn, excellent. That means you have the new repositories and not the old one. Are you somehow getting an FTP error? Please reply with the actual error if you are.


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