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IBM i for Business

Recently Alan presented a session on the state of PHP on IBM i at the RPG & DB2 Summit, including community PHP and our CommunityPlus+ PHP offering. The session recording below also shows a live demo of GRAR’s award-winning website, migrated to CommunityPlus+ PHP with excellent results.

After attending the session, Chris Birk, CIO of American Stationery, engaged Seiden Group to migrate his applications to community PHP. He reported a fast, smooth transition from running Zend Server PHP 7.3.15 on IBM i 7.3 to CommunityPlus+ PHP 7.3.24.

“The new PHP was up and running in 45 minutes, including copying over our PHP code, installing Yum and PHP, comparing all the PHP .ini values, and testing the code. No code changes were required.”
— Chris Birk

We hope you find this session informative. (The PHP discussion starts around the 4:40 mark.) You can download the handout here.

Let us know if we can help you get started with CommunityPlus+ PHP!

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