How to Access the PHP Toolkit for IBM i

PHP Toolkit IBM iConsidering a move to RPM-based Community PHP? You’ll need the free, open source PHP Toolkit to connect your PHP applications to resources on your IBM i.

Co-developed by Alan Seiden and maintained by the IBM i community, the toolkit is also known as the XML Toolkit. That’s because the PHP front end and the XMLSERVICE RPG back end communicate via XML.

You’ll find XMLSERVICE in the QXMLSERV library on your IBM i.

You can install the PHP Toolkit for RPM-based PHP in one of three ways:

  • Download it at
  • Install it via Composer using the command
    composer require zendtech/ibmitoolkit
  • Install it as part of Seiden Group’s curated repository of PHP RPMs, built for our clients

PHP Migration & Support Services

As always, if you’d like assistance, we’re here to help with vendor-independent guidance and services. Choose from  installation or migration support, to production support, to PHP development training.

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