i for BusinessEnsure application uptime with responsive, full-stack support for PHP and IBM i. What makes us different? No finger-pointing. When you call us, your issue gets resolved, whether it’s a coding issue, a web server question, or a fix to PHP itself.

A Seiden support subscription helps when your team needs it. Even take a vacation knowing we are here. Our production support subscription includes:

  • Expedited fixes to PHP and PHP extensions
  • Help with IBM i connectivity issues
  • Support and security bulletins
  • Proactive checkups
  • Quick access to our support team for any unexpected issues

In addition, our Call-a-Friend Support lets developers ask us about PHP, modules, and configs; Apache, nginx, and FastCGI; IDE, debugging, and performance; PASE; and more!

Talk to us to ensure more reliable, high-performance PHP.

Proactive Services

Whether you run CommunityPlus+ PHP or Zend Server, you can prevent frustrating downtime with Seiden Group’s proactive support services:

1. Monitor your logs, security/errors, performance, and usage data.

2. Advise you when you plan for IBM i server upgrades to prevent compatibility issues with Apache Web Server, NGINX, SSL and other applications.

3. Regular briefings on relevant trends.

“I would still be trying to solve this problem without Stephanie’s help. Thanks Steph!!
— Don Brown, MSD Information Technology

Let’s Talk PHP on IBM i

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