Free PHP on IBM i: from Basic edition to RPMs

open phpLast week, Perforce announced plans to withdraw Zend Server for IBM i “Basic” by June 2021. Filling the gap is license-free “community” PHP for IBM i, installable in RPM format.

Seiden Group has been assisting IBM i clients to adopt Community PHP since its introduction last year. We’ve helped with both first-time PHP installations and migrations from Basic.

PHP Your Way

After helping a number of clients adopt open PHP, we’ve seen positive results:

  • Quick and easy installation and updates via industry-standard RPMs, the open source format used by IBM.
  • The same good PHP used on all other platforms, stable and predictable, no “gotchas.” Easy for us to support.
  • Excellent performance.
  • 64-bit PHP means no more worries about memory.
  • We’ve been successfully supplying the “missing” extensions commonly used with PHP on IBM i.

What are your choices?

PHP has always been a flexible language for building web sites and APIs. Now, IBM i shops can choose how to install it.

  1. License-free, open PHP is a solid alternative to Zend Server Basic. Seiden Group is here to help you adopt open PHP and to support you.
  2. For companies who benefit from the features of Zend Server Professional and Enterprise editions, which you can read about in Perforce’s blog post, licenses are available from our friends at Perforce.

Our clients comprise a mix of free PHP and Zend Server. We appreciate and support them all.

Questions about which PHP edition is right for you? Contact us to discuss PHP or any other IBM i needs.

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