Update on Free, Open PHP for IBM i

php ibm i trainingSince last month’s post about free and open PHP on IBM i, we have been helping companies to get started with it.

We’ve seen excellent results with the open PHP package, known as an RPM. Starting with the PHP repository provided by IBM and Zend (Perforce) as a base, we are able to optimize PHP for the needs of each IBM i shop.

Especially appealing to us and our clients: this PHP is 64-bit and leans toward open standards, including ODBC. In exchange for a bit of setup time, you’ll have a system that’s lightweight, flexible, and license-free.

Here are several ways we’ve been helping customers adopt RPM-based open PHP:

  • Compatibility: Compiling and installing popular extensions not found in the standard RPM. Examples: php-zip, imagemagick
  • “Local” Development: Allowing developers to code, test, and debug on their PCs, then deploy to IBM i. With ODBC as IBM’s strategic connectivity method, both PC and server can connect identically to Db2
  • Web Serving:
    • Standard Apache web server and IBM FastCGI
    • Flexible NGINX web server and PHP-FPM (an enhanced FastCGI implementation)
  • Performance: One longtime IBM i veteran has called open PHP’s performance “smoking fast” (admittedly subjective, but better than the usual “lightning fast” :O )
  • Stability: We keep the distribution lightweight so applications run smoothly

Even at this early date, we see a bright future for community PHP and look forward to supporting its adoption in the IBM i space.

For more information about migrating to license-free open PHP, or to learn about our support offerings, contact us.

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