Five Reasons We Use Git to Manage IBM i Source Code

GitIf recent customer requests for Git training are any indication, this popular, free, open source tool for managing source code is gaining momentum and will soon be mainstream on IBM i.

Git has long been the IT industry standard for managing open source code repositories. Now, customers are asking us for training in using Git to manage not only open source code stored on the IFS, but RPG and SQL as well. What’s more, commercial change-management tool vendors have been steadily adding Git integration to their tools.

Here are the top 5 reasons many of our best customers on IBM i are adding Git to their development workflow:

  1. Git appeals to shops with no source control because Git is free, low risk, and integrates with other mainstream tools.
    • Businesses are asking IT departments to do more, using a greater variety of technology tools than ever before. As environments become more complex, source control becomes a must.
  2. New IT talent knows Git and expects to use it.
    • Accustomed to open source project repositories hosted on sites such as Github and Bitbucket, many young developers find Git natural to use.
  3. Git offers several powerful advantages over traditional source member editing, including:
    • Concurrent/distributed development, allowing multiple developers to work safely in the same code base at the same time.
    • Code reviews and collaboration using web-based repositories such as Github and Bitbucket.
    • Easy historical comparisons and analysis with graphical color-coded views.
  4. Git works naturally with industry-standard stream files, such as code stored in the root file system (IFS).
    • Examples: PHP, Node.js, Python, client-side javascript, style sheets, HTML, web server configuration files.
  5. RPG, COBOL, and SQL can also work with Git, with some tweaking.
    • Advantage: synchronize the release of RPG and SQL with other code used in modern applications, such as PHP and Node.js.
    • Git works with RDi, and also with SEU and PDM, for smaller shops with lighter source management needs. If you’ve been trying to figure out how to streamline your RDi or SEU-based development and implement source management with Git, contact Seiden Group to set up Git training and integration with your favorite development environment.

Whether you are considering using Git for the first time, or are an experienced Git user seeking to integrate your RPG and open source workflow procedures with other tools such as Jira and Bamboo, contact us for training and hands-on expertise.

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