Git IBM i trainingLearn to use Git to manage all types of source on IBM i, including PHP, Python, Node.js, RPG, XML, and more.

Our hands-on training starts with helping you install and configure Git on your IBM i. Then we help your developers build repositories so they can learn Git using their own source code. A typical 3-day Git training course may include:

  • Introduction to Source Control with Git  
    Discuss and choose a developer workflow with Github, set up developers with Git to access a repository, and practice with your own repository and code. (Also a stand-alone Hands-on Workshop)
  • Code Reviews and Release Management with Git (Also a stand-alone Hands-on Workshop)
  • Online follow-up meetings to answer questions as they arise refine processes

Tell us what you need, and we’ll help you improve development efficiency and reduce risk.

“What we achieved with you in three days we couldn’t have done by ourselves in three months!”

— Ealon Wallace, Web Developer