Use an IBM i Service to Find Your Technology Refresh (TR) Level

IBMi Technology RefreshWith another new IBM i Technology Refresh upon us, here’s a quick reminder how to find your server’s current TR level.

It’s getting easier and easier to do. An IBM i Service using DB2 and SQL provides the TR level more cleanly than older approaches. I love that we can use the universal SQL to expose the innards of our beloved system!

IBM i services comprise a collection of DB2 and SQL objects that provide a wealth of system information, not just your TR level.

The GROUP_PTF_INFO view is the service that displays an IBM i’s Technology Refresh (TR) level to the user who runs this SQL statement:

When run on my server, the result was a single column, TR_LEVEL, with the value:

Time for me to upgrade, yes?

We’ve worked with several organizations lately who want to ensure that their PHP components are not impacted by their IBM i upgrade.

If you’d like our help, too, let me know.


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  1. Emile Besseling
    Emile Besseling says:

    Display the IBM i Technology Refresh with the following commands:

    on IBM i V7R3M0 : DSPPTFGRP PTFGRP(SF99727)
    on IBM i V7R2M0 : DSPPTFGRP PTFGRP(SF99717)
    on IBM i V7R1M0 : DSPPTFGRP PTFGRP(SF99707)

    The level displayed is the technology refresh level.

    • Alan Seiden
      Alan Seiden says:

      Thank you, Emile. Yes, your approach is a good way to display TR levels from a 5250 screen. I wanted to show the power of SQL to perform the same task from any interface supporting SQL and how to customize the output as in the example above, “SEIDENI is running V7R2M0 with TR level: 3.” Thanks again for the commands you provided. Always good to know more than one way.



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