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CIO-level view at the
CIO Summit in Manhattan

Most people know Seiden Group as PHP specialists who help IBM i teams develop and tune PHP applications running on IBM i. But we also work with CIOs to help them solve the unique challenges they face.

We’ve found that for many IBM i CIOs, it’s lonely at the top. CIOs would love to have a community of peers who fully understood the nature of the decisions they must make. Whereas developers can discuss technical issues with team members or through online forums, CIOs often lack such support and sharing because of the confidential nature of their work.

Our dream is to help IBM i CIOs build and nurture a network of peers who can advise one another while preserving confidentiality.

Last week we had the distinct honor of hosting 10 such IBM i professionals in mid-town Manhattan at the first Seiden Group CIO Summit. We facilitated a stimulating day-long discussion of issues and solutions, interspersed with several strategic presentations relevant to CIO challenges. No products or services were offered or mentioned, only the opportunity for our CIO guests to learn, share and network with each other.

Feedback: “Many thanks for inviting me to the Seiden Group CIO Summit.  It was very well organized and the content was excellent.  I am definitely glad I attended.”

We would like to sponsor more of these events to strengthen the IBM i community.

If you are a CIO and would like to hold a local or regional CIO Summit at your office, contact me. It’s not difficult. You supply the meeting space, and Seiden Group arranges the rest.

To get a feeling for the range of topics fellow CIOs may appreciate at your Summit, check out this article: Getting Offensive with the Legacy Label by Dan Burger of IT Jungle.

Let’s get this network growing!

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