Use IBM’s Apache Directive Finder Instead of Google

Apache HTTP Server ProjectWhen it comes to finding information on HTTP Server for IBM i (based on Apache), Google is NOT the way to go!

Recently Calvin did a web search for Apache’s ServerUserID directive. It returned old forum posts that could have taken anyone down a rabbit hole—a waste of time at best.

That’s why we strongly recommend IBM’s HTTP Server for IBM i Directive Finder instead. It reliably retrieves the most up-to-date information on configuration directives specific to IBM i. Try it yourself with the ServerUserID directive.

IBM i Apache Directive search

Fast and easy, and you get the latest, most accurate information available. See?

ServerUserID directive

Apache on IBM i Directive Finder results for ServerUserID

If you’re not sure of the exact directive you need, try searching by keyword. For example, the search “SSL” returns 34 SSL directives, each linked to its configuration details.

Apache directive keyword search

Apache on IBM i Directive Finder results for SSL

Alternatively, use the “Show all” button on the main page to see all HTTP Server for i directives.

Any way you use it, IBM’s Apache Directive Finder will get you the information you need quickly, and you can count on it being current. For additional reference links, see our earler blog post: Apache for IBM i: Where to Find Documentation.

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