Is Your Zend Server Environment Showing Its Age?

Zend ServerThis week marked our 6th anniversary, evolving from “just Alan” to the amazing team at Seiden Group.

This milestone got me wondering…with as much change as we’ve seen over the past six years with PHP and Zend Server, how many PHP environments out there are four, five, or six or more years old?

Although we enjoy helping people troubleshoot vexing issues, we would prefer to have you skip the pain by keeping your PHP environment up to date.

Free Zend Server System Consultation

Believe it or not, speedy PHP 7 is in its second year on IBM i! It’s high time to adopt it.

To celebrate our 6th anniversary, we’re encouraging you to contact us to schedule a free 30-minute system evaluation. We’ll advise what you need to include in your upgrade plan, such as:

  • IBM i integration with Db2, MySQL, Easycom, PHP Toolkit for IBM i
  • Ensuring that configurations are retained or improved
  • Compatibility with Apache Web server, the latest SSL encryption, and more
  • Integration with other applications, RPG, CL.
  • Deprecated code syntax

Of course, we can also help you navigate all aspects of your upgrade and buffer you from the “excitement.”

Whatever your preference, please do evaluate your need for an upgrade. As much as we love troubleshooting, we hate to think about the agony that precedes each emergency call we get.


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