UX Challenge: What Would You Do?

Sometimes a fresh perspective makes all the difference.

I recently needed to cancel a WebEx meeting. I clicked the menu item to cancel the meeting and was presented with this dialog box:

Dialog Box

After a moment of hesitation, I clicked “OK,” but was briefly tempted by the “Cancel” button, since I wanted to cancel the meeting. It’s surprisingly easy to miss how users may see our applications. User experience (UX) design can make the difference between an app that your users love, and one that slows them down.

To help ensure enthusiastic adoption of your next application,  consider getting experienced input on how to streamline workflow and add clarity and confidence for your users.

Don’t have a UX expert on staff? Contact us for a fresh look at your applications or to help you solve a thorny issue.

Feel free to comment on this post with your opinions about the Cancel/OK/No/Yes debate.


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  1. King 4
    King 4 says:

    I actually deal with this in our system. We have the ability to cancel an order. I worked on it by having two buttons:

    Cancel – This is the standard button to cancel an action.
    Cancel The Order – So though it had another Cancel, I described the action you were to perform to clarify.

    Because cancel can have so many meanings there isnt a perfect solution, but I wanted it to make sense in relation to everything else.


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