Vote for a Mac edition of RDi

Rational Developer for i (RDi), the modern editor for IBM i RPG, COBOL and other languages, runs on Windows and Linux, but not Mac.

IBM has shown some willingness to port the product to Mac. They have posted a poll to allow users to vote for this enhancement or to comment on the proposal:

Those wishing to vote will find a “vote” link near the bottom of the poll page.

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      • Alan Seiden
        Alan Seiden says:

        Chris, I didn’t find much about RDi for Mac at COMMON, but for what it’s worth, later in the year I read a posting by Jon Paris (on his Facebook page): “Finally found out from IBM the other day that one of the major inhibitors to running #RDi natively on Mac is that they exploit features of the IBM JVM. And there is no IBM JVM for Macs.”

  1. King
    King says:

    Thanks for the post Alan!

    The big hang up has been on the verifiers I believe. If IBM was ok with the lack of verifiers a product could be brought out quickly and the verifiers added later.


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