Web performance webinar today

Hope you can join me for “Web performance first aid,” a webcast for the COMMON user group. The webcast will be recorded and archived for future listenings as well.

The webcast is for COMMON members, so anyone wanting to hear it needs to join COMMON.

I based the presentation on my consulting practice that helps ensure high performance for PHP and Zend Framework applications on IBM i. Good performance is critical for customer acceptance of web sites and mobile applications.

Webcast link: http://www.common.org/index.php/webcasts/upcoming-webcasts.html

Anyone wishing to see just the slides can do that on my site: http://alanseiden.com/presentations and look for “Web performance first aid.”

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  1. Alan Seiden
    Alan Seiden says:

    Lou, regarding the performance of COMMON’s site, I do see several ways to improve its speed. There’s no reason to single out COMMON’s site, though. Many sites could use more attention to performance. I’m going to offer to do a performance analysis for the COMMON site.


  2. lou wilkinson
    lou wilkinson says:

    Tried to get in, but this doesn’t appear on the “you must choose an event” list at common….but maybe that’s because I’m not a common member and did the “guest” thing.

    also, kind of a humorous irony…considering the nature of your talk, that common site, at least from northwestern Indiana, has to be one of the slowest, most painful sites on the web.

    Hopefully, you’ll post the chat somewhere we can all get to it.


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