Rocking at COMMON

COMMON’s fall conference and expo in San Antonio was the first of its kind, and a first for me as well. It marked my debut as a speaker for COMMON, as I presented three sessions about PHP on IBM i.

The conference brought the Power Systems and IBM i community together for learning and networking. I met many great people and caught up with industry friends.

After each day’s information-packed sessions, we gathered to relax and socialize.

A social highlight for me was the “Power Down” evening on Tuesday, October 5. The organizers had set up the Wii “Rock Band” game. This photo shows me on “drums,” Rich Nemerovsky singing, and Brian May playing “guitar.” I think Brian can actually play.

Drums, Alan Seiden; vocals, Rich Nemerovsky; guitar, Brian May, playing the "Rock Band" Wii game at Fall COMMON conference, San Antonio, Texas, October 5, 2010

Alan Seiden, Rich Nemerovsky, and Brian May playing Wii "Rock Band"

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  1. Alan Seiden
    Alan Seiden says:

    @Brian May
    Brian, yes, since you got a 97% score on the game’s “hard” setting, and your stance in the photo above looked like a real guitarist’s stance, I decided that you could really play guitar.

    It was good to see you stop by for part of my web services session. Your schedule must have been packed, not only with your own talks, but YiP and organizational business.

    See you around the speaker’s circuit and COMMON 2011 in May! (

  2. Brian May
    Brian May says:

    I figured you would put one of these pics up. Not sure if you meant if I could “actually play” the game or guitar….the answer is yes either way. 🙂

    I hated that I only had a chance to catch a little of one of your sessions. As you have no doubt discovered, a speaker’s work is never done.


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