Arrange Your Workstation to Protect Yourself Against Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI)

If you’re reading this blog, you need to protect yourself against Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI). As we work and explore the internet, we accumulate little stresses and habits that can hurt us over time.

MC Press just published my piece on how to arrange your computer workstation to avoid injury.

For my research, I interviewed Steve Shostack, former ergonomics consultant to NASA, and Paul Linden, Ph.D. Paul, an aikido teacher and Feldenkrais practitioner, wrote Comfort at Your Computer. I also recommend Paul’s free e-book, Reach Out: Body Awareness Training for Peacemaking, downloadable from

Space did not permit me to write about my conversation with Mary Barbe, Ph.D., a researcher at Temple University. According to Dr. Barbe, recent human studies show that repetitive work causes the release of cytokines, proteins that trigger inflammation. The inflammation is not limited to the local area of overwork, but spreads throughout the body, potentially exacerbating conditions such as heart disease. The cytokines also help the body to rest by causing sensations of lethargy or even depression. Not good for productivity! In future articles, I will write about such hidden effects of RSI.

Meanwhile, read how to arrange your computer workstation to avoid injury. Stay healthy!

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