VS Code for i VS Code for IBM i is a fast and effective alternative to RDi or SEU for IBM i development. And it’s free!

Get your entire team productive with Code for IBM i quickly—whatever their coding background. With expertise in both traditional IBM i development and open source, we’ll help bridge the gaps with Code for IBM i best practices.

What You Will Learn

Regardless of experience level, your developers will learn how to use Visual Studio Code for IBM i to:

  • Work with RPGLE, COBOL, PHP, Python, Node.js and other languages
  • Search source, edit source members, set your library list to compile a program
  • Compare source members and merge code changes
  • Use the Outline View, Content Assist, Peek & Go (Reference)
  • Run and view SQL results
  • Use Code for IBM i’s Code Coverage and Debugging

Boost Your Team’s Productivity

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Learn VS Code for IBM i

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