Even the very best development teams get stumped by perplexing issues once in a while. When this happens, all you need is someone with the right PHP and IBM i troubleshooting skills — and a fresh perspective — to get you over the hump.  

Whether your development team is brand new to PHP and web applications or has solid experience, you can count on Seiden Group to provide the guidance you need.

“You’re a freakin genius. Can’t thank you enough!”
—Jeb Bouchard, Systems Analyst, Waitsfield and Champlain Valley Telecom (WCVT)

Here are just a few of the challenges we’ve helped our clients overcome. We can help you, too!

Performance & Load Testing

  • Our new website is going live in 2 weeks and it’s too slow.  Help!
  • We’re expecting a surge in website usage. Will our application seize up during peak load periods?
  • Learn more about our performance tuning services here.

PHP Application Functionality

  • How do we create secure web services and integrate with third-party services?
  • How do we design our pages for excellent user experience with responsive design techniques?
  • We have a persistent bug. We could solve it ourselves but we’re very busy—you could probably solve it faster.

Communication between PHP and IBM i Objects

  • We keep running into problems setting up Zend server and the PHP environment.
  • Why won’t our library list work in our PHP development environment?

PCI and Other Compliance Requirements

  • What’s the best way to connect to our credit card processing web service?
  • Our developers frequently make fixes in production; how can we get better organized?

Staff Augmentation

  • We need to develop a large application but don’t have the staff—could you develop it on your own or with us?
  • We’re web-enabling an RPG application, but we’re never going to complete it by our deadline!
  • Management wants browser-based access to [XYZ]. Where do we start?
  • We hired a PHP developer. What’s the best way to explain the intricacies of our business logic and database structure in language s/he will understand?

Server Upgrades

  • We need to upgrade Zend Server on our IBM i and want to ensure that our apps continue to work smoothly.

Could your team be more productive with a boost from a trusted advisor? Just let us know how we can help!