You can achieve a productive and safe PHP development environment on your IBM i (evolved from AS/400 and iSeries) the first time around — and skip the trial and error that causes frustration, delays and future complications.

We understand the nuances of different IBM i environments, as well as how to install and configure Zend Server, the PHP Toolkit and Zend Framework to best support your requirements. You can count on us to help you:

Establishing Communication between PHP and IBM i

Mapping your IBM i business logic to PHP requires solid “translation” expertise.  Our consultants can create all the PHP parameters you’ll need to work with RPG/COBOL/CL programs, service programs, procedures, return values and more. We’ll set you up to use command calls, complex data structures, arrays, data queues, spool files, job logs, objects . . . you get the idea. Whatever development goodies you have stashed on your IBM i can be used by PHP.

Connecting Zend Server to IBM i and DB2 for i

Do you choose a stateless connection or the more advanced stateful connection? Do you really need a CCSID? Should you use DB2 Connect, ODBC or CGI/HTTP? How do you prevent RPG/COBOL errors from hanging up your system?

We explain your configuration options and implement the best ones for you. Plus we teach you the techniques you need to apply to keep the “normal” errors that occur in 5250 sessions from bringing your new web application to its knees.

Creating a Secure Environment

No matter what applications you run, a secure run-time environment reduces your risk of known and unknown problems. We can also advise how to improve security via techniques such as Apache configuration and directory permissions.

Data Governance / Regulatory Compliance

If your business is subject to compliance mandates such as PCI DSS, HIPAA, SOX, or the myriad of other data governance standards, we can recommend additional configuration or monitoring measures to help reduce the risk of unpleasant surprises at your next audit.

Optimizing Performance

To keep your new PHP environment singing along, we’ll walk you through our favorite performance tricks. Get more performance details here.

Source and Version Control / Automated Deployment

Progressive IBM i shops are using Git to manage PHP source code. We can set up your Git or Github environment, train your team, and, if your situation warrants it, integrate Git with continuous integration, automated deployment, automated testing, and other best practices of DevOps and development lifecycle, for smoother teamwork, higher quality and safer deployment.

Don’t waste time struggling to figure out what you need to do and how to do it. We can configure a reliable, secure PHP environment for you — quickly! — so you can move on to creating the applications that will drive your business.