In today’s world, even a few seconds spent waiting for an application can trigger user frustration and lost business.

Give people what they really want — easy-to-use applications that work as quickly as they do.

As the leading PHP performance expert for IBM i, Alan Seiden knows all the tricks to diagnose and optimize the performance of your PHP/RPG/DB2 for i applications. His methodology and skill in pinpointing the right combination of variables among a sea of options will have your application humming along in no time.

“One tip from your Zend Framework talk about ‘db2 metadata caching’ paid for the whole conference!”

—Zend Certified Engineer who uses ZF on IBM i

Performance Diagnostics: Find the Bottlenecks!

First you need the right IBM i tools to measure speed and understand what’s really going on with an application. We’ll recommend free or low-cost tools that complement traditional 5250 tools, and we’ll show you how to use them to find the source of any bottlenecks. We search for issues with:

  • memory use
  • a large code base or faulty PHP logic
  • database operations (DB2 or MySQL)
  • IBM i program calls
  • “waits” resulting from journaling, disk access, or object and record locks

Once we zero in on the key issues, we can take corrective action without guessing or wasting time.

TIP: After we leave, continue to use these tools to identify and resolve problems proactively during testing.

Accelerate Your Application

With an eye towards achieving the correct balance of speed and scalability for your needs, we then apply powerful techniques for speed, including tuning your Zend Server configuration for best performance, gaining instant speed improvements by caching PHP content and static files, and more, including:

  • configuring Apache and FastCGI to match your workload, so that users won’t have to wait
  • recommending DB2 strategies for optimum database performance
  • employing PHP Toolkit techniques to speed up RPG/COBOL calls
  • refining the handling of long-running tasks such as creating PDFs or sending email
  • reducing memory use, disk activity, and CPU load without sacrificing functionality

Ensuring a Fast User Experience

Your dynamic content must travel to the user’s browser or device. Then your system must deliver images, JavaScript, and cascading style sheets (CSS). Don’t let your application get bogged down there!

We can generally speed delivery of your PHP-generated content, AJAX, JavaScript, CSS, and all the components of a modern web application using the results of our diagnostics. As part of our service, we’ll teach you:

  • surprising reasons why your site “feels” slow
  • quick tips to instantly speed up your site
  • why even cached content takes server time, and how to eliminate that lag
  • how to eliminate guesswork to pinpoint front-end bottlenecks
  • how to send data faster using less bandwidth

Just say the word if you’d like the most experienced PHP and IBM i performance expert to help tune your applications for unparalleled responsiveness.