Install & LearnZend Server Basic reached end-of-life in 2021. To keep your PHP applications secure—and to enhance their stablilty and speed—it’s time to upgrade to Seiden Group’s CommunityPlus+ PHP.

You can rely on Seiden Group to help you migrate from Zend Server Basic to license-free CP+ PHP, optimizing it according to your needs.

“The transition to RPM PHP was virtually seamless.”
— Dan Lanza

We pay special attention to:

  • Compatibility:  We provide popular extensions not found in other RPM packages.
  • Db2 for i Connectivity:  Your choice of ODBC or traditional connectivity with the ibm_db2 and PDO_IBM extensions.
  • Stability: Keeping the distribution lightweight helps applications run smoothly.
  • Proof of Concept: Run your applications in a parallel PHP envionment for risk-free testing.
  • Responsive Support: Seiden Group’s full-stack support services ensure ongoing productivity and peace of mind.

Hear how other CP+ migrations went. Then call 201.447.2437 to talk about how to simplify your migration to CommunityPlus+ PHP.

CP+ PHP is lightweight, flexible, and license-free—perfect for those who find themselves without free Zend Server Basic.

Why Seiden CP+ PHP?

  • Lightweight and flexible
  • 64-bit: more memory for more data
  • Adheres to standards such as RPM/Yum and ODBC
  • Excellent performance