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Seiden Group’s CommunityPlus+ PHP delivers the PHP modules you expect on IBM i. We are an official maintainer of the Db2 components and contribute fixes to PHP. We make all this available to the community. We recommend paid subscriptions for hotfix notifications, proactive checkups, new modules built as needed, and quick access to our support team for any unexpected issues.

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Here are the popular components and extensions we provide in CommunityPlus+ PHP:

Popular Components

For convenience and ease of installation, we provide popular open source components. Examples:

  • mail() functionality (via SMTP)
  • PHP Toolkit for IBM i (works with xmlservice/xml toolkit)
  • Zend Framework 1 (updated for PHP 7 and 8)
  • Composer, to make it easy to install new frameworks and components
  • Apache integration made easy with our siteadd utility


The IBM i community has come to rely on extensions such as ibm_db2 and PDO_IBM for critical functionality that their applications rely on. Seiden Group has updated and built these for 64-bit RPM-based PHP on IBM i.

See a module we don’t list or support? Let us know. CommunityPlus+ PHP currently includes (either built into PHP itself, or available as a package):

Module Purpose
apcu Caching
bcmath Advanced math
bz2 Compression
calendar Date/time conversions
ctype Character checks
curl Network protocols (communicate with web services and more)
date Date handling
dom XML parsing
exif Image metadata
fileinfo File type guesser
filter Data filtration
gd Image processing
gettext Localization
gmp Advanced math
hash Hashing
ibmi IBM i specific functionality
ibm_db2 Classic Db2 connectivity
iconv Codepage converter
imap IMAP mailboxes, mail address parsing
imagick ImageMagick (image processing)
JSON JSON encoding/decoding
intl i18n (internationalization) and Unicode. Required by Zend Framework (Laminas).
LDAP Directory services (authenticate using Windows AD servers)
libxml XML
mbstring Complex text (multi-byte)
mcrypt Encryption (deprecated; openssl preferred)
mongodb MongoDB (NoSQL) connectivity
mysqli, mysqlnd MySQL/MariaDB connectivity
oci8**** Oracle connectivity
odbc Open database connectivity (including new PASE driver)
opcache Performance optimization
openssl Cryptography and encrypted transport
pcntl Process control
pcre Regular expressions
pdo_dblib Microsoft SQL Server connectivity using FreeTDS
pdo_ibm Classic Db2 connectivity
pdo_mysql MySQL/MariaDB connectivity
pdo_pgsql PostgreSQL connectivity
PDO_ODBC Open database connectivity using PDO
phar PHP archiver (run PHP code from a single file)
pgsql PostgreSQL connectivity
posix Unix system functions
readline CLI prompting
reflection Runtime information
redis Redis support (key/value store; like memcache/apc)
shmop Shared memory
SimpleXML XML processing (used with XMLSERVICE and more)
ssh2 SSH support
soap SOAP web APIs
sockets Network and domain socket connectivity
sodium Cryptography
SPL Data structures and autoloading
sqlite3 SQLite DB
sysvmsg System V messages
sysvmsg SysV semaphores
sysvmsg SysV shared memory
tidy HTML parsing and cleanup
tokenizer PHP parser
xdebug Debugging, profiling, tracing
xml XML
xmlreader XML
xmlwriter XML
xsl XML
zip ZIP archiver
zlib Compression

**** = on request

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