CommunityPlus+ PHP provides an easy way to install the PHP Toolkit (aka XML Toolkit). Once you’ve set up our repository, you can follow the instructions below.

Installing Toolkit

Install the php-toolkit package from Yum; to do so through the command line:

yum install php-toolkit

Including Toolkit

The Toolkit is on the default include path for CommunityPlus+ PHP. No additional steps should be needed.

If the Toolkit include path is not in the INI, please add /QOpenSys/pkgs/lib/php/ToolkitApi to it.

If you’re hardcoding paths in require/include statements, or in code-level include path changes, please remove them. The Toolkit is not in the same path as in other PHP distributions, so hardcoding them makes your code non-portable.

N.B: Composer users

Nothing has changed for Composer users. You can continue to use the toolkit as you did before.