PHP is an incredibly flexible language that plays well with IBM i resources, even if your applications hail from the era of the iSeries, AS/400 or earlier.

Using PHP by itself or combined with your existing RPG/COBOL/DB2 business logic and data, we can help you deliver reliable, high-performance:

  • web-based front ends
  • mobile applications
  • web services or integration with web services
  • batch processes involving IFS stream files, string data (including XML or JSON), and/or communication via TCP/IP

We can also help you use PHP to share functions between web and non-web applications; download, upload and/or process files from the web and FTP servers; embed email functionality into your applications; and so much more.

As with all Seiden Group services, our specialists take special care to mentor your team as we get the work done.

Alan provided our in-house IT team with the knowledge and support to take over a third-party project and get it back on track to meet our deadlines.  Alan brought us peace of mind.

M. Paige Raski, President, Millville Mutual Insurance Company

Access DB2 for i Data

Why replicate data for new web or mobile applications when you can access it at its source?

We can help you build PHP-based user interfaces that run on your IBM i and tap directly into DB2 on i using the optimum blend of performance, stability, and flexibility for your needs. We know the best techniques to maximize speed, reduce CPU usage, secure your SQL and avoid unexpected operational issues such as record locks.

Leverage RPG / COBOL Business Logic

New PHP components can breathe fresh life into your RPG/COBOL business logic with modern graphical UIs and innovative business process improvements. Sure, we can take your IBM i-based applications to the web and mobile devices. But did you know you can also use PHP with RPG to achieve graphical deliverables such as charts and graphs, PDF and Excel files — and internet functionality such as JSON-based web services and flexible email — all using native functions.

Bridge Your Resources Gap

When resources are tight, you can rely on us to play whatever role you need to keep your project on track. Maybe it’s reliable guidance on application architecture and PHP best practices. Or perhaps your team needs extra PHP programming skills or a UI expert to streamline your business processes. Some clients even use our fluency in three languages — IBM i, PHP and management — to define and translate requirements to ensure everyone is on the same page.

Mentor Your Team on PHP and IBM i

We work with lots of companies who already have great developers on staff. Often all they need is a mentor to walk them through a project or two. When we mentor a team, getting your application up and running is our highest priority, closely followed by making sure that your team understands what we’re doing, why we’re doing it, and how to do it themselves.  Our mission: To leave you as self-sufficient as you want to be.

Secure Your Data & Applications

It’s not enough to build highly usable web and mobile applications that leverage your IBM i data and business logic. We also incorporate programming techniques that actually help secure your applications against common attack vectors.

Establish a Controlled Development Process

Two points here. First, we pledge to use version control and document all of our work for you so that your team knows everything we did and has what they need to manage it properly after we leave.

Second, the processes we use can benefit your entire organization because they result in smoother collaboration, higher quality code and less stressful deployment. We can set up your Git or Github environment, train your team, and, if your situation warrants it, integrate Git with other development lifecycle best practices such as continuous integration, automated deployment and automated testing.

Optimize Performance

Speed matters, and the way you code can either enhance or hinder your application’s performance. We know how to code for optimum performance. For example, too many JavaScript files can slog your system. Same with faulty PHP logic and less-than-elegant style sheets. You’ll want to avoid using commands that can return errors, watch your programs for potential error-handling issues and more. We’ll openly share our tricks with you.

If you’d like to explore how the individuals at Seiden Group can become an extension of your development organization, contact Alan directly.