CommunityPlus+ PHPLicense-free community PHP for IBM i is here!

This next-generation alternative to Zend Server Basic offers benefits that many organizations find attractive, especially as Zend Server Basic faces end-of-life in 2021.

  • Lightweight installation via RPM.
  • No need to request a license. No license fee.
  • Industry-standard management and configuration (Yum, RPMs, PHP .ini files).
  • Flexible setup. For example, Apache+FastCGI or options such as NGINX+FPM+chroot containers.
  • Open PHP is 64-bit (not 32-bit), so no more running out of PASE memory.

What about support? As recognized leaders in PHP on IBM i, Seiden Group offers affordable support, migration, and setup services—plus additional 64-bit extensions not included in the base Community PHP.

Let’s talk about what community PHP or enhanced CommunityPlus+ can do for you.

Free PHP is lightweight, flexible, and license-free—perfect for those who find themselves without a free Zend Server Basic.

PHP Your Way

Whether you choose CommunityPlus+, community PHP, or Zend Server, you can count on Seiden Group to help you succeed with:

  • PHP Support
  • PHP Training
  • PHP Migration Services
  • PHP Development