Recent updates to CommunityPlus+ PHP

CommunityPlus+ PHPUse yum update "php-*" to install updates for your installed version of CommunityPlus+ PHP.

New components and version updates listed below. Click links for details.









  • siteadd 0.7

siteadd was updated to support PHP 8.1 and an additional command for changing PHP configuration in-place; for example, you can apply a template to the global PHP configuration.


php-mongodb is only for PHP 7.3, 7.4, and 8.0 for now. php-imagick is for all versions from 7.3 to 8.1.


PHP 8.1 Beta 2 is available with the following extensions:

  • mcrypt
  • ibm_db2
  • redis
  • ssh2

imagic, mongodb, and 8.1 specific siteadd support will be available at a later date. (As a workaround for siteadd issues, you can use the flag -P 8.0 to force PHP 8.0 behaviour when adding a site.)

Installation is a matter of adding the experimental PHP 8.1 repo (see instructions for adding repositories and installing packages) and updating al PHP packages. Please contact us if you run into any issues with PHP 8.1 on IBM i.


This release of PHP corrects issues with MySQL extensions not being able to connect to localhost. This was because the default MySQL socket path didn’t match the socket path used by the IBM package for MariaDB. MariaDB users should now be able to connect with localhost and use the domain socket instead of TCP.


  • ibm_db2 2.1.3-7
  • PDO_IBM 1.4.1-6
  • siteadd 0.6.1-6

This version of siteadd fixes issues with toggling autostart.

ibm_db2 and PDO_IBM can now be used in parallel with ODBC. After updating, toggle the configuration of your configuration’s database to use both classic and ODBC drivers. (For example toggle-db -t both for global configuration or toggle-db -t both -d /www/site/phpconf/conf.d for site-specific.) Then restart the web server to apply the changes.

This release of ibm_db2 also fixes a crash in db2_escape_string.


This release of PHP allows net_get_interfaces to work correctly.


  • ibm_db2 2.1.3-5

This version of ibm_db2 rolls up some patches that fix bugs with character truncation and memory leaks.


The ImageMagick package has been updated to fix mistakes in packaging (missing libtool files, different version sonames can’t co-exist). This requires removing the older packages, but this should be automated as part of an rebuild to its dependent package, php-imagick. Please let us know if you encounter any issues updating.



  • siteadd 0.6.1

This version of siteadd can automatically fill in the current time zone in php.ini when using the -I flag, report ports already in use, show the URL of the site being created, and toggle the autostart behaviour of existing sites.


This release of PHP fixes a regression in the PostgreSQL client.

This patch release of PDO_IBM enables usage of attributes at connection time (i.e. for system naming, so that library lists work consistently), adds connection liveness checks for persistent connections (like ibm_db2 and ODBC), and removes spurious error messages on disconnect.


This release of PHP fixes a regression in the PostgreSQL client.


This version of the toolkit improves PHP 8 and ODBC compatibility, and adds local and SSH transports.



Note that mcrypt is not recommended for new applications. It is only provided as a convenience for legacy code. We recommend all users migrate to the sodium or openssl extensions instead.


The PHP MongoDB driver has been rebuilt to fix an issue with a missing symbol.


A crash when calling DNS functions has been fixed. Our packages now link against ICU 69 as provided by IBM, obsoleting our package. The ICU update should be transparent. The version of PHP including these fixes are marked as release 15seiden.



PHP packages have been respun to include fixes for PDO_ODBC persistent connections and spurious messages about timeouts. We’re working on getting these fixes upstreamed into PHP.



This version of gd fixes issues with GIFs. Support for AVIF and HEIF was also added to gd, but are not currently present in this release. Please contact us if you desire/require these formats.


  • siteadd 0.5.1

This version of siteadd includes new features, like improved templates, PHP INI customization for new sites, an included template for classic database extensions, and a script to toggle usage of classic/ODBC database extensions. Pages will be updated to mention new functionality.


This version of ibm_db2 integrates a workaround for a defective PTF. As of writing, the PTF number is unknown, but PTFs to resolve the regression have been released by IBM, including SI75759. (This workaround may be removed at a time when most can be assumed to have the fixed PTF.)


PHP 8 packages have been respun to fix an issue with the INI files.



The ssh2 changes include additional security fixes and integrate improvements that a future version of the IBM i Toolkit for PHP will require when using the SSH transport.


re2c has been added to the repository. This is only of interest for users who need to rebuild PHP or specific extensions that require it from git, because PHP requires it at build time if not using a release package.






The OpenLDAP and ImageMagick packages have been changed so that the library version is represented in the package name for the library binaries. This should make future upgrades of these libraries less likely to cause breaking changes.


ibm_db2 has been updated with a workaround to remove garbage in buffers under certain conditions when i5_dbcs_alloc is enabled.


PHP has integrated our patches for timeouts and PASE compatibility, so we’re closer to upstream than before.

New PHP installations will pick up browscap. See the entry for 2021-01-04 for how to use it if it hasn’t been enabled in your configuration after upgrading.

IBM now ships libzip, packaging it as “libzip5.” We have rebuilt PHP to use IBM’s libzip package rather than our own. After you upgrade PHP and accept installation of libzip5, you can safely remove the old “libzip” package, since nothing should depend on it, and it conflicts with the IBM libzip development package.


  • An issue with gd dependencies has been fixed. This fix had been pushed to the experimental, but not stable versions of the repo.
  • Zend Framework 1 (PHP 7.x support fork) 1.18.9
  • ssh2 has been updated with additional functionality, bug fixes, and PHP 8 compatibility. A new release has not been cut yet upstream, but you can see the changes made since the last release.
  • browscap is now packaged. The next version of CommunityPlus+ PHP will automatically install browscap. For current users who wish to use browscap, install the browscap package add the following line to php.ini to start using it now:
    • browscap="/QOpenSys/pkgs/share/browscap/lite_php_browscap.ini"




PHP has been rebuilt with PDO_DBLIB support using FreeTDS 1.2.11, enabling PDO-based support for Microsoft SQL Server and Sybase databases.




PHP has been rebuilt with intl support, using ICU 67.1. PHP frameworks such as Laminas and Zend Framework rely on the intl module.



Now shipping with PDO_IBM and ibm_db2 turned off so that PDO_ODBC and odbc are the default. Edit the .ini files to reverse this if you use ibm_db2 or PDO_IBM.


Corrected an issue where a hard timeout could terminate the PHP process. Symptom: PHP job dies with a message similar to: “Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 30+2 seconds exceeded (terminated) in Unknown on line 0”. (Pushed upstream to PHP repository December 10-11.)


  • PDO_IBM 1.3.7sg0


PHP has been rebuilt with imap support.



PHP has been rebuilt with support for Argon2 password hashes.



PHP 7.4 support has been introduced.


php-redis has been rebuilt with support for zstd.


PHP has been rebuilt with support for gmp.


PHP has been rebuilt with support for tidy.


PHP has been rebuilt with support for pg and readline.



Initial version of CommunityPlus+.