IBM System i computer, formerly called AS/400, iSeries, i5

My first open-source project: Mantis/400

Mantis/400 adds DB2 support to Mantis, the popular PHP-based bug tracking application. I programmed the upgrade with Ira Chandler of Curbstone Corporation, personnel from IBM and Zend, and Mantis’s Victor Boctor.

Mantis/400 runs on IBM System i (formerly AS/400), using Zend Core for i5.

Even before we got involved, Mantis supported several databases, thanks to theADOdb Database Abstraction Library for PHP (and Python). ADOdb’s support of DB2 needed help, though, so we improved it, particularly for System i’s version of DB2.

I recommend the open-source process to anyone who enjoys learning a lot and meeting good people. Our team zestily shared knowledge and discoveries.

More information is available in Alex Woodie’s story in IT Jungle: Mantis Bug Tracker Ported to i5/OS.

New York Software Industry Association writes about my work with System i/PHP

My work to foster PHP on IBM System i was noted in the Feb. 21, 2007, edition of buzz@nysia, the New York Software Industry Association’s weekly news report. I am delighted that buzz@nysia columnist Donna Bogatin chose me as a featured “mover and shaker.”

PHP mail() on IBM System i

My new article about mail() is available at MC Press Online. The article covers:

  • Zend Core’s implementation of mail() for IBM System i
  • How mail() compares to packages such as PHPMailer
  • Function definition and example
  • How to configure SMTP in Zend Core
  • Overriding defaults with ini_set
  • Troubleshooting

Read it here.

Zend Brings PHP to IBM’s i5/OS

Here is my article that announced the arrival of PHP on i5/OS (later IBM i). Andi Gutmans graciously agreed to be interviewed for the article.
Zend Brings PHP to IBM’s i5/OS

(Sorry, this article is no longer available on MC Press Online).