IBM Champion web badgeRecognized by IBM as a Fresh Face of IBM i and an IBM Champion, Calvin exhibits remarkable talent for expanding the use of IBM i through open source development.

As his debut project in 2018, Calvin ported the .NET framework Mono to help IBM i developers run .NET programs on IBM i.

Upon joining Seiden Group in early 2020, he turned his skills to re-engineering popular PHP modules to work with the new 64-bit Community PHP, helping our customers avoid application rewrites when continuing with the free use of PHP on IBM i.

Calvin’s deep knowledge of the PASE environment on IBM i makes him a valuable member of our support team. If it’s broken, he can fix it.

Calvin admires the resilience of the IBM i, noting that companies don’t have to think about the technology because it just keeps working for them. He enjoys building on the technical sophistication of the platform with next-generation technologies.

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