PHP 8.3 for IBM i Released in Seiden CP+ PHP

PHP on IBM iLast week the IBM i community got PHP 8.3, the newest version, via Seiden’s CP+ PHP.

While PHP 8.3 has valuable updates, PHP 8.0 and lower are no longer receiving even security fixes, increasing your risk of issues with security and certainly with your next security audit. Contact Alan for a free upgrade assessment.

PHP 8.3’s new features include json_validate. You’ll find the full list of changes and supporting details at PHP.Watch.

More: we added the latest updates to ibm_db2 and PDO_IBM to all versions of Seiden’s CP+ PHP. The fixes and enhancements included closing a memory leak and adding support for the Boolean data type, introduced in IBM i 7.5.

Many thanks to Seiden Group’s Calvin Buckley and other contributors for keeping PHP and its IBM i database extensions up-to-date and reliable. For an inside look at how the PHP community works together to direct the future of PHP, see Alan’s recent post PHP 8.3: How the Community Helps PHP Evolve.

Seiden CP+ PHP is supported on IBM i 7.5, 7.4, 7.3, and 7.2.

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