IBM i API Examples Using RPG, Node.js, PHP, and Python

The Toronto User Group recently invited Alan to speak with them about how to implement secure, flexible APIs to connect IBM i applications to other systems.

Using several real-world code examples written in various free tools and languages—including RPG, PHP, Python, and Node.js—Alan demonstrated how others send and receive data safely using their favorite language paired with IBM i business logic. This video contains the details.

If you would like a copy of Alan’s slides or have questions on implementing APIs on IBM i, ask Alan to give you a call.

Many thanks to host Vaughn Dragland and the Toronto User Group for generously sharing their meeting with the IBM i community. Be sure to check out TUG’s upcoming meeting schedule on a regular basis for other educational opportuntities.

This recording is just one example of the practical knowledge that’s regularly available through local user groups. Check out Simon Hutchinson’s list of IBM i user groups for a group near you.

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