Next Generation Free-Form RPG with Susan Gantner

Earlier this week we shared how one of our clients successfully transitioned the maintenance of an important System 36-era application from busy RPG developers to a younger web developer interested in learning RPG. The heart of their strategy? Converting their fixed-format RPG code to more modular RPG Free Form.

At the same time, Susan Gantner was presenting a session on using free-form RPG with the clear message that moving to RPG Free Form is critical to bringing new talent to IBM i development.

In the following video, Susan refreshes your knowledge of RPG Free Form—especially the more recent free-form declarations, such as the replacements for H, F, D and P specs—so you can take an active role in helping the next generation of IBM i developers build from your work.

Many thanks to Susan for sharing her expertise so freely with the IBM i community!

As always, let us know if you’d like to discuss your options for modernizing IBM i applications.

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