How to Update the Code for i Extension

Code for IBM i has been moving quickly. As the popularity of this Visual Studio Code extension has grown, updates and enhancements have arrived regularly.

If you encounter a bug or issue, installing the latest update may resolve it. Updating Code for i requires only a restart of VS Code. Here are some details to clarify how to restart as well as how to roll back the update, if desired.

Checking your version and updating

To learn what version of the Code for i extension you have and whether it needs an update, click the Extensions icon on the left side, circled in red below:

Code for i Extension Information

Other elements to notice in the image above:

  • In the yellow box is the Code for i version number. This number can help if you know that a particular version will solve an issue.
  • In the green boxes are “Reload Required” buttons. Click either button to restart VS Code and update your extension.

Rolling back

You can always roll back to a previous version. If a new version does not work properly, you can try rolling back. Go to Extensions and bring up the page for Code for IBM i.  The “Uninstall” dropdown gives the option to install a different version, as shown in the green box below:
VS Code Rollback options

VS Code Rollback options

The “Install Another Version…” option will give you a choice of older versions to install.

Watching for updates

Updates to the Code for IBM i extension happen frequently. When an update becomes available, you will see a number or “!” on the Extension View Tab. However, if you tend to leave your project window open for extended periods of time, you may miss the notification. In that case, you can check for updates using the instructions above.

For more information on Code for i, see Visual Studio Code for IBM i: A Resource Guide.


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