Tips for Fast, Reliable Open Source on IBM i

Open source continues to gain traction in IBM i shops, and for good reason. It excels at delivering new interfaces and functionality for RPG and COBOL applications, plus it broadens the talent pool for your development team.

Like the IBM i, open source tools have their own unique characteristics and release cycles that become easier with experience.

In the following video, Alan shares tips from the Seiden Group open source support team for making your open source stack (nearly) as reliable as your traditional IBM i applications. He covers Python, PHP, Node.js; ODBC; Apache; connections to RPG and COBOL; and how to handle the rapid pace of updates. If you would like a copy of his slide deck, let us know.

Alan’s presentation was part of a recent Summit Lunch & Learn hosted by Jon Paris. You can optionally start the video at the beginning to catch Jon’s full talk on Consuming Web Services with RPG and HTTPAPI.

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