Requests for Enhancement are now “IBM Ideas”

IBM iIBM i users have a new way to request enhancements from IBM. The Request for Enhancement (RFE) site has been replaced by the IBM Power Ideas Portal.

I immediately noticed an advantage of the new portal—we can now share links without requiring the recipient to log in! The new site seems faster, too.

Navigating the Ideas Portal

Requests for Enhancements have been renamed “Ideas.” On each portal page, categories are to the left, Ideas to the right.

For example, here is the Open Source and PASE category:

IBM i Open Source and PASE Category

Open Source and PASE Category

Here’s what the page looks like if I select Db2 for i:

Db2 for i Category

Db2 for i Category

Search across all categories

To search across all categories, type a search string in the “Search all ideas…” box in the upper left, next to the magnifying glass. For the screen shot below, I searched for “odbc,” and the site found hits in multiple categories:

Search for ODBC across all categories

Search for ODBC across all categories

Hello, Ideas! Goodbye, RFEs

With the end of the RFE era, I couldn’t resist including this nostalgic photo of a musical RFE from the RPG Five to Scott Forstie to the Spring 2019 RPG & Db2 Summit conference.

A Musical RFE (2019)

A Musical RFE by the RPG Five (2019)

Your Ideas Count

To get the most from the Ideas Portal, sign in with an IBM ID. Signing in will enable you to comment, vote, and add new ideas.

To access IBM i Ideas, be sure to use the Power Ideas Portal. If you come upon the generic portal, you will find it difficult to locate IBM i topics. Best to use the Power Ideas Portal link.

The new Ideas portal provides a powerful way to participate in the IBM i community and influence the direction of IBM i. Try it and let me know what you think.

For more information, see IT Jungle’s article from April 2022 and IBM i business architect Nancy Uthke-Schmucki’s blog post IBM i and RDi RFEs are migrating to IBM Ideas – Is that a good thing?!

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