IBM Champion Jack Woehr Joins Seiden Group

Jack WoehrI’ve admired Jack Woehr’s contributions to the IBM i community—and his practical approach to IBM i modernization—for several years.

This spring, I asked him if he would deliver my ODBC session for POWERUp 2022. That discussion inspired us to get to know each other better and develop our working relationship.

I’m delighted to announce that, in June, Jack officially joined our growing team of Seiden Group consultants. With extensive IT experience, Jack brings a broad understanding of both current and legacy IBM systems. He excels in modernization, cross-platform integration, and APIs. He also knows SQL, RPG, COBOL. Vue, javascript, Java, PHP, Node.js, Python, C/C++, Maria DB, MongoDB, and Linux. Don’t even get me started on how many musical instruments he plays!

Jack teaching ODBC. Photo courtesy of Mike Pavlak.

Jack thrives on learning new development techniques. His ability to listen, consume large quantities of information, and distill it into a practical path forward helps clients avoid (or overcome) roadblocks in their projects. His respect for others and relaxed sense of humor can unite disparate teams. Jack has honed these skills through his continuing long-term relationship with Absolute Performance, Inc.

As an IBM Champion for both the IBM i and IBM Q platforms, Jack is a frequent speaker at COMMON and other technology forums, an occasional blogger, and an active contributor to open source and free software. Recently, IBM asked Jack to present Quantum Computing: What the IT Pro Needs to Know, a one-hour segment in their webinar series Expert Hour: Tech Talks by IBM Champions.

Please join me in welcoming Jack to the Seiden family.


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  1. Arthur Magamedov
    Arthur Magamedov says:

    Congratulations!! I had a great pleasure to meet and work with Jack last year. Incredible person, the legend!

    • Jack Woehr
      Jack Woehr says:

      Hi Arthur! I’ve mentioned you to Alan and your excellent work in adding web interfaces to services provided by your organization’s IBM i. Hope everything is going well and everyone is happy!


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