Visual Studio Code and 5250

With our latest version of Code for IBM i, developers have access to virtually everything they need when writing both RPG and open source applications, all in a single editor.

Version 0.8.4 provides your choice of a 5250 terminal or a PASE shell right in the editor—with a new, faster launch process.

VS Code for i 5250

Code for i explorer, RPGLE code, problems, outline view and 5250 terminal.

Faster PASE terminal launch

Previously, when bringing up the PASE (SSH) environment in the VS Code terminal, you were prompted for your user and password. While this worked well, you were essentially logging in to your system twice, since you would have already connected to it when using Code for IBM i.

Now, assuming you have connected to your system using Code for IBM i, you can select the PASE (SSH) terminal using the Terminals button and be logged in automatically.

As shown below, clicking the Terminals button at the bottom of your screen will launch a quick-pick menu at the top of your screen, where you can select the type of Terminal you want. If you choose PASE, Code for IBM i will use your existing authenticated connection to open the terminal.
VS Code for i Terminal Type

PASE Terminal

PASE terminal with automatic login

5250 terminal requirements

The only requirement to launching a 5250 emulator is to have tn5250 installed, a terminal client for the IBM i that emulates 5250 terminals. This can be installed via yum. Once you have it installed, you’re good to go!

Code for IBM i provides additional settings so you can set up your terminal however you like. The most common setting is likely the CCSID mapping configuration, which lets you set the encoding for the terminal.

Code for IBM i terminal settingsWith these enhancements to Code for i, you can access not only your code, but 5250 terminals and PASE shells as well. Personally, I’ve found it saves me lots of time to have everything I need within the IDE.

Code for IBM i is completely free and open source.

If you have not yet tried VS Code for IBM i, you’ll find installation instructions here.

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