Tutorial: Integrate Node.js with RPG without a Connector

Node.js IBM iWe’ve been hearing from clients wondering whether they need commercial connectors to integrate open source technology with Db2, RPG, and COBOL data.

Liam Allan has shown the power of using open source tools that are available to everyone. He recommends accessing IBM i business logic and data using open source tools, without proprietary connectors.

He recently wrote a short tutorial on how to accomplish common integrations using node.js and ODBC, showing how you can:

  • Run any type of SQL statement
  • Call a stored procedure with IN, OUT, and INOUT parameters
  • Call a program with output parameters
  • Return result sets from programs

Liam even shows how you can call programs with complex data structures using your own code and open source tools.

Read Liam’s tutorial here.

ODBC is IBM’s strategic database driver. If you’re not sure where to start with ODBC, check out this IBM i ODBC Driver Q&A with Stephanie Rabbani, with links to instructions on ODBC installation and configuration.

In short, Liam’s up to the challenge of helping you integrate your open source environments with RPG/COBOL business logic and IBM i data using techniques that are easy to understand and maintain. Get in touch to learn how to create APIs and develop great applications using free and open source tools available on IBM i.

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